Top 10 List: Best Home Security Tips & Hacks

Home Security Analyst got lots of positive feedback for our recent article 5 home security tips. We decided to give you 5 more security tips so you could have a full top ten list of home security tips and hacks. Put all 10 into practice for the best home security results!

Know your neighbors to help keep your home secure when you’re away

Did you know having a casual relationship with your neighbors could increase your home security? How is that, you might ask? Well, if you know your neighbors, they’re more likely to look out for you when you are not home or when you’re out of town. “We all need to watch out for each other more, and in too many cases we spend more time at work or online and we don’t know the people around us that we should help or who could help us in an emergency,” Purcell said. Why befriend the neighborhood gossip? Because he or she is the person who knows everything happening on the street. He or she will let you know if there is some stranger lurking around, or if someone is snooping about your house when you aren’t there.

Clean out your home garage and park your car in it!

Yet many homeowners fill their garage with so much old furniture and so many boxes of old stuff that they end up parking their cars in the driveway or the street. By cleaning out the garage and parking your vehicle inside, you can protect yourself in two ways. First, you prevent your car from being stolen, broken into or otherwise vandalized. Second, if your car is regularly parked inside, it’s harder for a potential thief to track your comings and goings. Don’t forget to shut the garage door whenever you don’t need access to it.

Leave the lights on when you are not home.

If you live on a dark street or the entrances to your home are in dark areas, use motion-sensor lights that turn on automatically if there is activity close to the house. The lights don’t have to be spotlights, but should be bright enough to deter someone from trying to enter your home. If you’re going to be away from home for any length of time, use timers on lights inside the house so the place looks occupied. Make sure the timers are used in multiple rooms and are used naturally.

Hide valuables in the walls for increased protection

We just published an article called 5 home security tips that has gotten great reader feedback and reviews. We decided to give you 5 more home security tips and hacks so you could have a top ten list of home security tips. Put all 10 security tips into practice to keep your home safe and protected! “There are lots of unused spaces in the walls between the studs, and they make perfect places to hide jewelry, guns and other valuables,” said DeAnna Radaj of the Bante Design Management Team in Charlotte, N.C. “To gain access, use a plate that was previously used for a landline or electrical outlet, or install a fake one,” Radaj said.

Lock your home doors and windows to stay safe!

These are the simplest, seemingly most obvious actions to take, but it is surprising how many people don’t bother to lock the doors or windows. Some people think they live in a safe neighborhood and don’t lock doors or windows. Other people just forget. The majority of thieves are looking for the easiest way in, and in many cases, that’s through an unlocked door or an opened ground-floor window. Even if you are home alone during the day, the doors (including screen doors and patio doors) should be kept locked to keep intruders from just walking in.

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