5 Home Security Tips

Protecting your home isn’t rocket science. Even without an expensive alarm system, there are a number of little things you can do to bump up your home’s security. Some of these home security tips cost nothing more than a little time and effort to implement. Here are 5 tips that will keep your house safer and more secure.

Change your home locks often for the best home security.

Home Security TipsThe easiest way to break into a home is to have a door key or the passcode for a keypad lock. When purchasing a new home, most of us simply accept the keys at the closing and don’t think twice about the number of people who may also have copies of those keys. Or perhaps you just ended a relationship, and you worry that your ex still has a key to your front door. Changing the locks or the passcode allows you to control who has access to your home. Also change the locks if you lose your keys.

Hide your spare house key on your pets.

Do you have outside dogs? Or do you have a dog that can come outside via a pet door? “There’s your hide-a-key location,” said Paul Purcell, an Atlanta-based security consultant and author of “Disaster Prep 101″ (InfoQuest, 2004). “Tape a key securely to your dog’s collar where it can’t readily be seen. And if you have more than one dog, put the key on the dog least likely to be friendly to strangers.”

Trim the Bushes to Increase Your Home Security.

Burglars like hiding places, and the best hiding places are between your house and the yard or garden. The rhododendron bushes along the side of your house might look beautiful, but they also provide cover for someone who wants to break in. Instead, consider having an open space that runs all the way up to the building, especially near windows.

Avoid a room with a view. A view from the outside, that is.

Stand outside your house and take notice of what you can see through the windows. Is your 62-inch television in plain sight from the sidewalk? Can you see your computer or other valuable electronics from the doorway? If you can see them, so can thieves. If possible, move valuables out of sight of the street. If you can’t, then make sure the windows are always covered.

Hide the external wiring of your home security system.

Savvy thieves are always on the lookout for copper because it can be sold for a lot of money. Copper is often found in wiring, especially in air-conditioning units. Burglars also look for external wiring to cut off electricity, alarm systems, phones, etc., before breaking in. Make sure external wiring is well-protected and difficult to get to, if it can’t be removed outright.

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