Home Security Signs: Do They Work By Themselves?

home security sign

One of the hottest trends for those looking to save money and cut costs on home security is to purchase home security signs to post on their lawns and in their windows with the hope of fooling a burglar into believing that their home is protected by a real system. Those who are considering this option often wonder do they work by themselves or do home security signs need the real thing to back them up. The answer is two-fold.

Home security signs by themselves can be a deterrent for burglars. When it comes to choosing a target home, many burglars case an area and will eliminate homes for different reasons: home security signage, big barking dogs, nosy neighbors, motion sensitive lighting and more. So, yes, home security signs can work by themselves, but are not reliable enough to put all your trust in.

Home security signs by themselves will not be a deterrent for certain burglars simply because of who they are and what their motivations are. If a burglar is strongly motivated to target your house, a home security sign will not deter them. Also burglars who are on drugs and desperate for a fix will likely not be deterred by signage. Professional thieves will also bypass signage and look for real proof of home security, because they know what consumers know and they are aware that many people are buying the signage in order to give the illusion of protection.

The fact that home security signs by themselves may be a form of home security is becoming too common knowledge. As this knowledge spreads it is no longer valid. Right now having home security signage without the actual system is better than nothing, but just barely. Thieves know to look further and many disregard the signage and take a chance anyway. If you are concerned about home security, look beyond just signage to the real thing. Get an actual home security system and avoid all doubt.

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