Easy DIY Projects for Home Security Automation

DIY project enthusiasts will love ones that help make their home a more secure place. Preventing burglary and increasing the chances a burglar will get caught are achievable when you spend some time on these easy DIY projects for home security.

Do Some Landscaping

By far the easiest and cheapest DIY home security project is to do some landscaping. Cut back trees and shrubs that are very close to your house, as they create places for intruders to hide. You want your neighbors to be able to see anyone approaching your home and you never want to be surprised when you are arriving home. In addition, trim trees that could serve as a ladder to upper levels of your home.

Update Locks

Solid locks are a wise strategy in keeping your home safe. In as little as 15 minutes you can replace existing locks with new deadbolts, often without drilling new holes in the doors. Some of the high tech locks can even be controlled by a code you key in.

Make Windows Stronger

Security window film applies to your windows in no time and reinforces the strength of windows. This makes it harder for burglars to break windows. If they do succeed in breaking the glass, the film holds the pieces together, making it harder for them to get inside. The longer it takes to actually get in the house the better the chances they will be caught in the act, or simply give up.

Do Door Reinforcements

Reinforce the doors in your home, so they cannot be kicked in through brute force. A door guard plate that you screw in and a steel inset door jam reinforcement will make your door more resistant to force. You can even install deadbolts equipped with alarms for additional backup.

Go High-Tech in the Garage

Always remember to hide the garage door opener in your car if you are parked outside. Burglars who get into your car can easily get into the house with it. A secure DIY alternative is to install a Wi-Fi garage door opener controllable with your smart phone.

Install Video Surveillance

Remotely monitor your home with video surveillance. When you add automated alerts, you can be notified by text or email that a sensor has been triggered and the system is recording the event. Watch what is happening in real time or play it back later.

These DIY Home Security Automation projects will help to keep your home secure with a touch of the high tech.

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